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The news that doesn't fit on the front page anymore

Jan 25:Dave and Barbs will be celebrating their first Australia day tomorrow

Jan 18:Dave & family have made it to Flinders Island and are settling in to their new home.

Jan 11: Many thanks to John Scalzi & the generous readers of Whatever for their donations. Dave and family are now in Tasmania, having "fun" with their car and with Telstra's BigPond Internet Access (which seems to be the message: Access Denied)

Dec 21: We apologise for the disappearence of the site. A combination of Microsoft and Seagate are to blame. It won't happen again. Honest guv!

Nov 25: Dave & Barbs have left their house and experiencing life in the city

Nov 14: Most of the animals are now in quarantine in South Africa - Dave's committed to bringing them, but finances are, of course tight.

Oct 22: Dave's mother has died.

Oct 12: Over at the Save the Dragons live journal community we have a poll about cover art because we have a gorgeous illustration from Bob Greyvenstein.

Oct 1:Dave's booked his tickets to Australia - we need to raise the money by Christmas!

Sept 28: Dave's latest published novel - Dragon's Ring - is now available order it via this page to give Dave a few more $$s. A review here

Sept 14:We have some blogads you can use to spread the word. Also in the links page there's a link to a recent podcast interview of Dave and we've put up a list of those who have spread the word...

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