Riviera Hash Trail Marks

If you ever come along to a Riviera run and want to know what the trail actually looks like then here is an explanation you can read which is generally an improvement over the mumbled explanation you get at the start of the run if we even give one. Marks are made usually in flour or chalk on the ground. Sometimes hares use toilet paper to mark trail though places where neither flour nor chalk would be visible.

These markings are not always the same as those used in other hashes. For example many hashes swap the check and back check marks around.

The majority of the run is set in flour blobs  or arrows 
They should be spaced so that you can see the next one when you are on the current one - this means they are usually about 10 metres apart.

At some point you will come across a check point which is marked like this: 
At a check you have to look for the trail. Trail will start within a hundred metres or so marked by arrows or flour.

As well as the true trail there may be false trails. If you see a mark like this  after some flour then you have found a false trail so you need to go back and find the true trail. Some false trails are implied - if you only see 1 or 2 blobs of flour then you not on trail - and usually an arrow indicates that you really are on true trail even there were not 2 blobs of flour before.

Occasionally you may come across a back check marked like this , this means you should go back down the trail looking for the true trail marks off to the left or right. These marks may be up to about 50m from the original trail. If you go all the way back to a check or the start you've gone too far!

With luck you will see a sign like this .
This is a beer check and means that there is a drink to sustain you nearby. Usually this is the back of someone's car but sometimes its a bar or someone's garden.

Finally you should see a sign saying
This means the trail is nearly over and you can look forward to lots of beer

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