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CRUTEM3 gridder functional specification

The CRUTEM3 gridder makes a PP field from the station data for a selected month. The spatial resolution and extent of the field, and the parameter to be gridded, can be specified by the user.

Detailed system description

The program starts by processing the command-line options (specified here). The data are extracted and checked for internal consistency (max_long within range -180 to 180 and greater than min_long etc.)

The station summary data are extracted from the station index file.

The station data for the selected month are read in from the monthly file for the specified month.

An array of gridded values is made using a method which is different for each parameter to be gridded:

The array of gridded values is converted into a PP field and output to a file with the user-specified file name.

Last updated: 2005/04/04
Maintained by: Philip Brohan.