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CRUTEM3 Monthly updates

Each month, the CRUTEM3 datasets and diagnostics need to be updated with new data. The trigger for the CRUTEM3 update is data being archived from that month's MARQUIS runs.

The steps to be gone through are:

  1. Extract all the station data archived in MIDAS for the preceeding 12 months, and update the station files with it.
  2. Update the monthly files from the new station files.
  3. Grid the monthly files to make the PP files.
  4. Create the ASCII data for the web site
  5. Create the netCDF data for the web site
  6. Make the Actuals
  7. Update the diagnostics
  8. Make the ASCII station data files from the MIDAS data.
  9. Update the external web site from the internal site

This script (~hadobs/Monitoring.operational/crutem3/user_tools/source/updates/run_full_update.perl) runs all these steps in sequence. It should be run (as hadobs) each month after the CRUTEM3 update is complete.

The diagnostics take a long time to regenerate, so it's usually best to run the script overnight.

Maintained by: Philip Brohan.