CRUTEM3 is a gridded dataset of near-surface land temperature. The dataset is described here. This page describes the software used to produce it.

Flow chart for the CRUTEM3 system

  1. CRUTEM3 is a gridded dataset made from a database of monthly station observations.
  2. This database is updated from MIDAS using this script.
  3. The database of station observations is converted to lists of monthly anomalies using this script.
  4. The monthly anomalies are gridded to make the PP fields.
  5. To make the necessary diagnostics and data formats for the web, some further processing is needed:

The operational version of CRUTEM3 is updated each month. This script should be run each month to perform all the steps in the update.

When the update is complete - let Phil Jones know. Also tell the maintainer of HadCRUT3 so that can be updated.

Maintained by: Philip Brohan.