The HARRY_READ_ME.txt file

Part 26

26. OK, now to merge in the US stations. First, wrote 'us2cru' to convert
the marksusanonwmocru.dat file to the 'standard' format we're using. That
worked OK. Then used 'addnormline' to, well - add a normals line. Only 17
out of 1035 stations ended up with missing normals, which is pretty good!

The with-normals US database file is tmp.0704251654.dat.

Now, I knew that using mergedb as it stands would not work. It expects to
be updating the existing records, and actions like 'addnew' require OPS
to confirm each one. So I thought it best to add an OPS clause to auto-
confirm additions where there's no WMO match and the data density is OK,
say 50% or higher. Unfortunately, that didn't work either, and rather than
spend even more time debugging mergedb.for, I knocked off simpleaddnew.for,
which adds two non-overlapping databases. The resultant file, with all
three partial databases, is tmp.0704271015.dtb.

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