The HARRY_READ_ME.txt file

Part 19

19. Here is a little puzzle. If the latest precipitation database file
contained a fatal data error (see 17. above), then surely it has been
altered since Tim last used it to produce the precipitation grids? But
if that's the case, why is it dated so early? Here are the dates:

- directory date is 23 Dec 2003

- directory date is 22 Jan 2004 (original date not preserved in zipped file)
- internal (header) date is also '22.01.2004 at 17:57'

So what's going on? I don't see how the 'final' precip file can have been
produced from the 'final' precipitation database, even though the dates
imply that. The obvious conclusion is that the precip file must have been
produced before 23 Dec 2003, and then redated (to match others?) in Jan 04.

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