The HARRY_READ_ME.txt file

Part 16

16. So, it seemed like a good time to start a Precip run. With
a bit of luck this would go as smoothly as the Temperature run,
ho, ho, ho. The first problem was that anomdtb kept crashing:

crua6[/cru/cruts/rerun1/data/cruts/rerun2work] ./anomdtb

> ***** AnomDTB: converts .dtb to anom .txt for gridding *****

> Enter the suffix of the variable required:
> Will calculate percentage anomalies.
> Select the .cts or .dtb file to load:
> Specify the start,end of the normals period:
> Specify the missing percentage permitted:
> Data required for a normal: 23
> Specify the no. of stdevs at which to reject data:
> Select outputs (1=.cts,2=.ann,3=.txt,4=.stn):
> Check for duplicate stns after anomalising? (0=no,>0=km range)
> Select the generic .txt file to save (
> Select the first,last years AD to save:
> Operating...
Values loaded: 1258818288; No. Stations: 12732
> NORMALS MEAN percent STDEV percent
> .dtb 2635549 29.6
forrtl: error (75): floating point exception
IOT trap (core dumped)

..not good! Tried recompiling for uealogin1.. AARGGHHH!!! Tim's
code is not 'good' enough for bloody Sun!! Pages of warnings and
27 errors! (full results in 'anomdtb.uealogin1.compile.results').

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