The HARRY_READ_ME.txt file

Part 15

15. All change! My 'glo2grim1' program was presciently named as
it's now up to v3! My attempt to speed up early iterations by
only reading as much of each glo file as was needed was really
stupidly coded and hence the poor results. Actually they're
worryingly good as the data was effectively random :-0
We are now on-beam and initial results are very very promising:

uealogin1[/cru/cruts/rerun1/data/cruts/rerun1work] ./grimcmp3x

File glo2grim3.out terminated prematurely after 143 records.


Files compared:
1. cru_ts_2_10.1961-1970.tmp
2. glo2grim3.out

Total Cells Compared 143
Total 100% Matches 12
Cells with Corr. == 1.00 12 ( 8.4%)
Cells with 0.96<=Corr<=0.99 130 (90.9%)
Cells with 0.90<=Corr<=0.95 1 ( 0.7%)
Cells with 0.80<=Corr<=0.89 0 ( 0.0%)
Cells with 0.70<=Corr<=0.79 0 ( 0.0%) all correlations are >= 0.9 and all but one are >=0.96!
with 12 complete (100% identical) matches I think we can safely
say we are producing the data Tim produced. The variations can
be accounted for as rounding errors due to different hardware
and compilers, I reckon..

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